About Us

Our vision is to help as many Africans as possible to realize their dreams in the continent, create business and employ people locally. The Aim is to achieve financial actualization. This is in line with the United Nation Vision GOAL 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth.

Who we are

We are entrepreneurs with MBAs and Computer Science degrees who spent many years abroad. It came to our notice that too many people who want to do business are stuck in the West by a lack of information and/or opportunities. We decided to provide an online platform for the exchange of business ideas and experiences, so people can safely discuss their projects and enter into partnerships to invest in businesses abroad as well as in their home countries.

GIK Africa was founded in 2023 in order to connect local African entrepreneurs with private or corporate investors. This platform will facilitate exchange between those with ideas and those which money. People often see their dream die because of lack of resources or lack of information. So, we want to connect the two critical factors in the development and growth of businesses, in order to facilitate individuals or corporate entities, purchasing lands in the part of Africa of their choices, investing in a startup, or engaging in agricultural projects; or simply, to enter into business partnerships.

GIK Africa is a membership-only online organization. Only those who have become fully registered members can access our services of exchanging ideas and information with other members (private and corporate); who share the same interests and passions. Once you find a match, then, you can connect directly with your counterpart and take the discussion to the next level.

Projects and Research

GIK Africa’s in-house Team of Experts, will do diligent research in order to determine how viable a project is before it gets to be listed on our roaster for potential investors and/or partners. Projects listed on GicAfrica Roaster, are those judged by our in-house Team of Experts as potentially viable, and therefore, open to potential investors and partnerships.


GIK Africa Individual or Corporate members, are expected to do their own due diligence research, on the ideas, businesses or entrepreneurs that are interested in engaging with or investing in. GicAfrica will not be responsible for any loss you may incur as a result of your financial investment or partnership. Like a person desiring to travel to a destination by train service, it is the responsibility of the passenger to know where he or she wishes to travel to, not the responsibility of the Train Station. GicAfrica provides a platform that assists in streamlining the bewildering universe of potentially profitable business ideas and enterprises, not a fail-proof guarantee of the ideas, businesses or enterprises. If you believe a member is suspicious, please report the same to us immediately and we will investigate and remove such a member from our site if necessary.

KYC Measures (Coming Soon)

Mandatory Know your customer (KYC) measures will be put in place to ensure safe exchange with other members.

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